Bridal Hair & Makeup Tips

Bridal Hair & Makeup Tips

You want to look your very best on your wedding day, as well as feel beautiful! To ensure you look incredible on your wedding day, it's crucial to find a professional hair and makeup team. Hair and makeup are usually offered by most beauty teams, while others specialize in one or the other. It doesn't matter if you book them separately or together, these tips will be helpful!



The best time to book wedding hair and makeup

Don't wait to reserve your hairstylist or makeup artist if you have your heart set on them! There are many artists who book out a year in advance. When booking a salon with several stylists, you may be able to book 3-6 months before your big day, depending on who you're booking. Have someone booked by 3 months out if you want to avoid cutting it too close!


How to choose a bridal hairstyle and makeup look

Depending on your hair length and texture, some hairstyles are best for thick or textured hair, while others work best for long, fine, or curly hair. If your hair type is not compatible with the style you're considering, your stylist can help you decide.


Will you get crazy on the dance floor and dance the night away? Those moves will require a hairstyle that can hold up!

Does your ceremony take place outdoors with the possibility of wind or humidity? When planning your bridal look, keep that in mind.


Besides complementing your natural beauty, your hair, and makeup should also complement the style of your gown! Your aesthetic should be cohesive, regardless of whether you're going for boho, glam, or classic.


Whenever you are uncertain about styles, color palettes, or anything else, trust your stylist. You can learn a lot from them because they're the experts!



 Hair and makeup will need to start before the venue opens, so you'll need to find another location for getting ready in case you don't have access to it until a certain time. You can also consider renting a home instead of staying in a hotel! Their natural window light makes for beautiful photos, and they provide much more space than hotels!



Establish a clear vision by creating a mood board

Now is the time to get familiar with Pinterest if you haven't already. There are countless makeup inspiration images available on the platform, which you can compile digitally. Your wedding day vision is inspired and honed in with the help of visuals.


Pamper your skin for the best base possible

You should focus on hydrating and glowing your skin before applying makeup on your wedding day. You should begin a skin-care routine if you haven't done so already. Luminous makeup looks best on healthy, glowing skin. It is helpful to have regular facials to prepare skin for wedding day, but avoid invasive facials too close to the wedding. 


Make sure you pack a touch-up kit 

Even the most well-applied makeup will fade after a few smiles, kisses, and champagne toasts. To keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day and night, ask a bridesmaid or a close friend to keep a few essentials for you.